Emaan Traffic Engineers are 100% Black owned and are a BBBEE Level 1 company.

As per the BBBEE Act 2003 and as per the BEE codes of good practice 2015, we believe in the upliftment of all underprivileged to bridge the gap between formal and substantive equality to ensure that all people in South Africa fully enjoy the right to equality.

Emaan Traffic Engineers strives to become the employer of choice in the industry and offers:

  • Experienced Management and leadership.
  • Continuous development
  • Competitive remuneration and reward
  • Growth opportunities in the group

Emaan Traffic Engineers has three key focus areas with regards to Sustainability:

  • Education and Training:

    Uplift development of staff with particular focus on tertiary education.

  • Social development:

    Investing in community development programmes, HIV/Aids awareness and other emergency-related initiatives such as disaster relief and ad hoc sponsorship.

  • Economic development:

    With particular emphasis on promoting the sustainable creation of employment, particularly for marginalized and unskilled group.