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We have redefined the ease of obtaining a quote for a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and appointing a Traffic Engineer. Fill in the form below and immediately obtain a quotation for the TIA required for your development application, anywhere in South Africa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step 1: Enter Customer and Development Data:
    In this section the customers contact details and site specific information is required. Please enter this information correctly as this will reflect on the quotation and invoice. These are key development specific fields required to generate a quotation. Please enter all fields carefully as it will increase the accuracy of the quotation.

    Step 2: Quotation:
    The quotation for the Traffic Impact Assessment will be displayed immediately. A copy of the quotation and mobilisation invoice will be emailed to the customers email address provided. A mobilisation fees of 20% of the total quotation value is required to be paid to confirm the order.

    Step 3: Payment of the mobilisation fees:
    This can be made immediately online using our various payment options (credit card or eft) or by bank transfer as a copy of the mobilisation invoice with banking details has been emailed to you. The only way to confirm the order is to pay the mobilisation fees with the reference number provided on the invoice.

  • The order is confirmed once the mobilisation fees has been paid. You will receive confirmation on the contact email address provided immediately. Please therefore ensure the email address and contact number is entered correctly.

  • Once the mobilisation invoice is paid:

    1. You will immediately receive via email a receipt confirming your payment of the deposit.
    2. You will immediately receive via email a fee balance statement confirming payment terms.
    3. A Professional Traffic Engineer will be allocated to your project and will contact you within 24 hours.
    4. The project requirements will be discussed and scope of work will be confirmed.
    5. Traffic counts will be conducted and TIA will be prepared within 4 weeks from the date of payment of the mobilisation fees. (Note: traffic counts cannot be conducted during the time schools are closed).

  • The information required in order to conduct a TIA can vary depending on the type of application that the TIA is serving an addendum to. Generally the following information is required:
    1. Current Zone.
    2. Proposed zone if a rezoning application is being conducted
    3. Land use types that are being applied for.
    4. Site Plan / Site layout.
    5. Floor areas in m2 of the proposed land uses.

  • The TIA will be completed within 4 weeks of the payment of the mobilisation fees.

  • The payment terms are divided into the following 2 steps: Payment 1: Mobilisation fees: 20% of total fee. Payment 2: Draft TIA to customer: 80% of total fee.

  • Every TIA requires traffic counts to be conducted which are included in your quotation, however these are only permitted to be conducted whilst schools are open. Therefore if schools are closed, we will have to wait until they have re-opened to conduct the counts.
    The response time from the authorities to provide comments on the TIA can often be lengthy. Emaan Traffic Engineers takes no responsibility as to the delay in receiving feedback from authorities. Full payment is due regardless a positive or negative outcome of the application is received from the authority.

  • The quotation includes conducting traffic counts and preparation of the TIA at the level required for submission to the authority.

  • Our appointment does not in any way confirm approval of the traffic study from the local authority. Emaan Traffic Engineer’s holds no liability or responsibility in the event that the local authority rejects the application. The full quotation will be payable.
    Our quotation is for preparation of the Traffic Impact Assessment only. This estimate is valid for a single iteration of analysis. Should further revisions be required for any reason, any additional work, comments or referrals to the TIA will be undertaken on a time and cost basis or will form a separate quote. This includes any referrals, queries, comments or amendments to this TIA required by the relevant authority.
    The quotation excludes specialised studies such as Public Transport Plans, GAUTRANS Section 7/9 reports, Non-motorised transport studies etc.

  • The payment of the mobilisation fees confirms that the customer agrees that the Emaan Traffic Engineers (Pty) Ltd terms of business will form the contracting agreement of our services.

  • Yes, please email and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call us.