Emaan Resource Centre

Welcome to the Emaan Resource Centre. Here at Emaan we understand the need to be well informed when making decisions, as a result we have created this resource centre for your convenience.

Should you be looking for something particular that isn't listed below, please let us know so that we may assist

Category Download Description
Highway Capacity Manual 2000 Highway Capacity Manual 2000 Capacity Manual 2000 Guideline Manual
Highway Capacity Manual 2010 Highway Capacity Manual 2010 Volume 1 - Concepts Guideline Manual
Volume 2 - Uninterupted Flow Guideline Manual
Volume 3 - Interupted Flow Guideline Manual
Volume 4 - Applications Guide Guideline Manual
Public Transport Ethekwini CPTR CPTR 2012 GIS Data Survey Data
CPTR 2012 Survey Data Survey Dataa
Guidlines for the Design of Taxi Facilities Guidlines for the Design of Taxi Facilities Guideline Manual
Road Classification and Jurisdiction Data Cape Town Cape Town Road Classification
GAUTRANS GAUTRANS Road Classification
KZN DoT KZN DoT Road Names and Classification
RISFSA RISFSA Road Classification
SANRAL SANRAL Traffic Count Station locations and volumes
Traffic Impact Assessment Manuals Traffic Impact Assessment Manuals ETA TIA Manual 2015 - Version 0 1 Guideline & Design Manual
TMH 16 Volume 1 TIA Manual Guideline & Design Manual
TMH 16 Volume 2 TIA Manual Guideline & Design Manual
TMH17-Trip-Data-Manual Guideline & Design Manual
TMH Documents TMH Documents TMH Documents Guideline & Design Manual
TRH Documents TRH Documents TRH Documents Guideline & Design Manual
UTG Documents UTG Documents UTG Documents Guideline & Design Manual