Our offerings

Strategic Transport Planning

We offer both localised and regional transport planning. Localised planning typically involves conducting Traffic Impact Assessments.

Regional planning involves preparing strategic traffic studies for several developments and normally involves simulation modelling.

Traffic Surveys & Data Collection

We offer a wide range of data collection and traffic and public transport survey services. These include intersection counts, link counts, pedestrian surveys, origin destination surveys and public transport surveys.

Traffic Simulation Modelling

We offer Traffic Modelling services on AIMSUN for both simple localized traffic models and large complex regional models.

Roads Master Planning

The Roads Master Plans that we develop are a sustainable long-term strategy for the development of the road network in a regional context. This includes input into institutional plans such as IDP’s, SDP’s, SDF etc.

Design of Intersections and Access’s

We offer the geometric design of intersections including traffic signal design and access roads to developments. These are often a result of infrastructure upgrades that are required in a TIA.

Civil Infrastructure Design

We offer complete civil infrastructure design. This includes Bulk earthworks, Roads and civil services (sewer, stormwater and water). We also specialize in stormwater management and attenuation.